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100% Completely tailored bespoke hair replacement solutions.


Advanced skin-friendly adhesives to guarantee a secure long-lasting hold.


Lightweight technically advanced materials used to ensure the ultimate in fit and comfort.

Technically Advanced Hair Replacement Solutions

At HedLine our mission is quite simple, to help men Worldwide restore their hair back to its former glory without the pain, expense and inconvenience of having to go under the knife. We have spent over 15 years developing and designing the most technically advanced and versatile hair replacement systems available in the world and our commitment to supporting hair loss means that we are constantly striving for even better products and treatments.

We are extremely proud to work on behalf of the NHS along with being recommended by charitable organisations across the UK. Rob Davidson-Lamb is the 'go to' hair consultant and has a large following including high profile and celebrity clients.

Designed to replace, perfectly match and blend with clients existing natural hair, our hair replacement systems are made using only the very finest human hair and the latest foundation types. These include breathable skin, graft and lace systems to create the most natural-looking non-surgical hair replacement solutions available on the market today.

Hedline’s ultra secure and skin friendly adhesive products allow clients to live their lives to the fullest and to take part in all forms of sport, exercise and daily activities without the fear of detection.

“We are offering customers something they can’t get elsewhere in terms of value, varied choice of products and a really great range of services offered."

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Our Cheltenham Clinic

Situated in the heart of Cheltenham, our private hair clinic offers clients the chance to discuss their hair loss concerns and needs with our experienced hair loss consultants and technicians. The team is fully aware of the trauma associated with hair loss, and are ready to give clients honest, friendly and straightforward advice. Our team prides themselves on being both honest and compassionate when dealing with any client concern.

To book a visit, simply call or email us to arrange an appointment. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a friendly staff member and welcomed to our clinic. You will be introduced to your own private hair loss expert with whom you can discuss your hair loss concerns. Your consultant will advise you of the solutions possible based on your requirements, provide you with samples, talk you through what we have managed to achieve with other clients and ultimately give an idea of what we can achieve for your personal needs.

There is absolutely no obligation to make a decision or a purchase and all of our consultations are complimentary.

Our full in-house services include:

Template Making -
Creating a unique system based on your hair-loss pattern, we can decide on foundation types, hair type, colour and density

Fitting - Selecting the best adhesive or attachment method to suit your lifestyle needs and securely fitting your system.

Styling - Helping you achieve and perfect your new look, with styling tips to maintain the new hair.

Colour Matching- Matching your hair system to your natural or desired hair colour.
Maintenance - We offer a full range of in-house services including refitting, refusing or re-attaching, hair cutting, restyling and colouring of both the hair system and your own hair.

Guidance - 100% Confidential support. At the Hedline Cheltenham clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering an unparalleled client service. It is our hope that anyone experiencing hair loss will leave the clinic feeling rejuvenated, restored and full of self-confidence. We are always available at the end of a telephone or just email for support or further advice.

So make today take the first step towards a new you!