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About HedLine

The leading designers and makers of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

Whatever type of hair loss you have, we understand the stress, feeling of being somehow “incomplete” and also the absolute confusion of not knowing what may be available out there to regain a full head of hair...

Founded in 2001, we have spent over 15 years running our hair clinic which quickly led to our work with hair loss clients on behalf of the NHS. We decided to develop our unique non-surgical hair restoration solutions. These hair replacement systems are now available for purchase online, or at our Cheltenham clinic, where we also offer full in-house template making, fitting, styling, cutting, colouring and maintenance services. These services are also available in the comfort and complete privacy of your own home.
Our hair systems and hair restoration products are recommended by the ‘My New Hair’ and ‘Little Princess’ charities. These organisations are dedicated to supporting both adults and children suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions and treatments for cancer.

About Rob Davidson-Lamb

Our founder, Rob Davidson-Lamb, has worked within the hair loss industry for many years. Rob has been at the very forefront of developing new and innovative solutions to hair loss for both men and women.

After years running a busy hair clinic, he established the online shop “Hedline” to offer bespoke yet affordable hair loss solutions, including support and advice to anyone concerned about hair loss, either due to male pattern hair loss or medical or medication related conditions.

“I felt there were many people jumping onto the hair loss bandwagon. Some genuinely doing their best to help and others out to just make money from of a devastating personal issue. Feedback from new clients was suggesting lots of opinions and false advice about the wonders of hair implants and other miracle growth treatments offering miracle cures. Mostly expensive and with zero or poor results. I knew that some of the treatments of the offer were viable, but only if the client was at a certain level or type of hair loss… otherwise, these 'cures' would already be hailed as a miracle by the World's Press!

I decided an online shop alongside my private hair clinic was needed, offering a very realistic affordable and non-detectable solution to hair loss along with unbiased advice on all of the other treatments available out there and based on my experience within the industry.

After opening the clinic’s doors in 2001, Rob has worked continuously to develop more technically advanced hair loss solutions and products...His work is recognised by the NHS and he has worked on their behalf since 2002. Clients from all over the UK and Europe including many high profile clients and celebrities make use of Rob’s personal, bespoke and tailored approach to hair restoration and replacement.

Why Choose HedLine

Bespoke Hair Systems - We design all of our own products, so whether you purchase a stock hair system or go for the custom made option, you can rely on the same high quality throughout our product range. Some products can differ if we have changed an element of production that we consider to be an improvement. We also encourage your feedback and comments.

Highest-Quality Materials - Our hair replacement systems are made using only the finest natural human hair and the most advanced and lightweight base materials. We welcome feedback and suggestions on our products to enable us to constantly improve standards.

Affordable Products - We do our utmost to keep production standards high and price our products to be as competitive as possible, ensuring value for money and quality. Due to fluctuations in the world currency market, we have to occasionally change prices to reflect the production costs. We can offer interest-free payment options to enable clients to spread the cost of hair replacement and don't tie our clients into contracts.

Honest Advice - We offer honest, straightforward no-obligation advice based on our experience in the hair loss market this enables you to make those important decisions feeling fully informed.

We are only human, so can occasionally we can't get things quite right. If that is the case, we not only welcome your feedback, but we will endeavour to rectify the situation with haste. Rob Davidson-Lamb is personally available to deal with any issues or concerns.