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Everything You Need To Know About Hair Replacement Systems

Q - What Are Hair Replacement Systems?

A - Hair replacement systems is a completely handmade product designed to replicate your own natural growing hair. These products are produced using very high-tech materials and are designed to be both undetectable in appearance and to the touch.

Q - Are Your Hair Systems Made Using Real Hair?

A - Yes, we use the finest quality hair in all of our replacement systems, unless a client prefers heat resistant fibre. Please note that the grey content in our systems are man made. Grey hair tends to oxidise and turn yellow very quickly.

Q - Will My Hair Replacement Move or Fall Off?

A - The system is attached using a dermal bond. If taken care off appropriately, the bond can last up to 7 weeks before the hair starts to shift. For the cleanest and strongest hold, we recommend using tape adhesive.

Q - For How Long Will My Hair System Last?

A - This entirely depends on how well the hair system is taken care of. We give full advice on the best methods to keep your system looking at it’s best and how to get as long as possible out of them. Most clients find that their system lasts between 3 - 6 months, depending on the use and maintenance. Some clients achieving a year’s wear with careful use. It’s always useful to have a second system as a backup.

Q - How Do I Clean My Hair System?

A - We cover all aspects of system care at your consultation. We can show you how to simply take care of your hair at home or make an appointment and enjoy the maintenance and services available at the hair clinic. You can find all of our maintenance products in our online store here.

Q - How Can I Reduce Shedding?

A - Hair systems are generally worn out through shedding. Shedding occurs when the hair falls out due to extensive brushing, heavy styling products or just over time as the hair does not receive natural oils from the scalp and then tends to become brittle and break off.

Using quality products can reduce the wear, but ultimately as with everything, they have a shelf life. Some system bases are also more delicate. Fine lace and thin skin systems last approximately 2-3 months whereas the heavier based stronger systems tend to last much longer. This is something that should be discussed at the consultation.

Q - Is there anything Can’t I Do When My Hair System Is Fitted?

A - There’s absolutely nothing you can’t do while wearing one of our hair systems. You can swim, play all sports and live life to the fullest.