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Our Cheltenham Hair Clinic

Based in the centre of fashionable Cheltenham, our private hair clinic offers a full range of tailored in-house services. Our professional, highly skilled technicians offer every possible service relating to hair loss, including template making, fitting and cutting-in of both stock and custom hair systems, clean-ups, re-fusion or re-attachment and technical services including all colouring and grooming treatments. We can now offer these services in the privacy of your own home.

Hair Replacement System Fittings

Consulting a Technician

Visit our salon for a free, no-obligation hair loss consultation. Our professional hair consultants will answer any questions with honesty, allowing you to make a no-obligation and informed decision. After assessing your hair loss pattern and level of hair loss we can discuss the various options available to you. Our team can determine your needs and recommend a solution based on your requirements as well as your budget. You can then leave us feeling completely informed and able to plan a future with great looking hair.

Choosing a System

You can choose to either purchase off-the-shelf or a custom made bespoke hair replacement system. If you have selected an off-the-shelf stock system, our technicians can proceed directly to fitting. If you have chosen our tailor-made hair restoration solution, our staff with the first set about creating a template for you. Template-making includes taking samples of hair colour as well as precise measurements and creating a very personalised hair system based on your needs.

Fitting the Hair System

Once the stock or bespoke hair replacement system is ready, our team will prepare your hair system for fitting. This includes a thorough scalp cleanse and treatment followed by the system being applied to your scalp, ensuring a secure fit and an undetectable appearance. We will also help by selecting the best adhesive method to suit your lifestyle.

Styling Your Hair System

The final step of the process allows you to choose the style of your hair. We can give full advice on the current fashion styles using images, but the end result will always be totally up to you and your personal taste. We also welcome clients bringing their own hairstyle images to replicate. Whichever look you desire, our technicians will endeavour to achieve it for you.

Hair Replacement Systems We Offer

Off-The-Shelf Hair Replacement Systems

We stock and every type of hair system available. These systems are ready-made but still produced using the same high-quality materials as a custom made system… the difference means that they can be cut down to your head size and styled to your specifications. These off-the-shelf hair systems are also are known as “stock systems”.

Custom-Made Hair Replacement Systems

Hedline designs and sells bespoke non-surgical hair replacement systems designed and manufactured according to your personal requirements. Elements such as hair colour, hair loss pattern and lifestyle requirements are taken into account when designing your unique hair replacement system. After creating a template based on your measurements and needs, we will create your perfect hair system using only the very finest quality materials.

Hair System Maintenance Solutions

After fitting of your new hair, it is crucial to use the correct maintenance and care products to ensure that your hair always stays looking at its best. Hedline has a really large choice of carefully selected products, in fact, we stock the largest selection of hair system maintenance products, specifically manufactured to help keep you and your new hair look and feel amazing.

Cutting and Styling

The most exciting part is a visit to our hair clinic which is just as easy as a visit to the barber's shop. Our highly creative hair technicians will consult with you to decide on a style and shape to suit you perfectly. We can offer our opinion based on the array of current hair fashions and your lifestyle needs or be completely led by your own unique ideas. Whatever your decision, we will make sure that when you leave, you will be loving the new hair.

Hair Colouring

We offer a full in-house hair colouring service, so whether you are looking for a complete change of colour, a subtle change or full or partial grey coverage we have the perfect solution for your needs.

Hair-Loss Advice

At HedLine we understand that hair loss, whether its origin is genetic or medical can be a difficult and very sensitive subject. We are able to offer completely independent, unbiased, friendly advice based on all currently available treatments. These complimentary consultations are available with absolutely no obligation so that you can leave feeling a little more informed and able to make a decision based on the given information.

Fitting and Maintenance Costs

New Fitting Appointment - Approx 2 Hrs - Cost: £100.00

This includes making a template of your scalp cutting a stock system to your template size, fitting the system and cutting it in, along with advice on the maintenance of your system. You then leave looking and feeling great.

Cutting-in A New Hair System - Approx 1 Hr - Cost: £60

This includes fitting and completely cutting-in a system to suit the client's needs and the desired end-result.

General Maintenance Appointment - Approx 1 Hr - Cost: £60.00

This includes removal of your hair system, cleanse the scalp and treatment, system complete cleanse and re-applied or fused to the scalp. All finished with a cut and style.

General Colouring By Quotation - Cost from £20.00

We are happy to offer home visits, with costs dependent on distance and service required. This appointment includes everything from a new client consultation, through to all of the above services. Please contact us for a quotation.