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Hedline - Changing The Face of Hair Replacement

Stock Hair Systems

Ready-made hair systems are designed by Rob Davidson-Lamb. These are made to the same exact standards as our custom made systems and produced using the same superior quality foundations and hair. It can quickly be customised and cut down to fit most needs.

Produced with an average hair density which can be cut and thinned to suit the client's personal taste. The only differences between a bespoke custom made hair system and a stock system are that the stock systems are made to a standard size, which can be cut down to suit your template and a standard density which can also be thinned down to suit your needs.

Bespoke Custom Made Hair Systems

This type of Hair replacement solution is tailored and completely bespoke. These systems are custom made to our client’s individual, unique requirements and require a full consultation to establish the most suitable foundation type, hair density and colour. Custom made hair systems offer the “ultimate” hair replacement solution and are personally designed for each client and to accommodate their lifestyle needs and personal taste.

These hair systems have a production time of approximately 8 weeks and require either a consultation at Hedline in Cheltenham, a personal home visit, or it is possible to produce systems using clients own templates and instructions. We can also reproduce an old or favourite hair system purchased elsewhere. At HedLine we can carry out full a full repair service to hair systems provided by us or systems purchased elsewhere.

Fitting and Maintenance Products

We offer the largest selection of adhesives, removal solutions, cleansers and maintenance products. At HedLine we have an ongoing policy of constantly researching the latest advancements in hair, meaning that we are able to provide the latest, most effective treatments and products available. HedLine hair replacement systems and products can either be purchased very simply online and fitted at your convenience using your own stylist or technician or can be fully customised fitted and maintained at our hair clinic in central Cheltenham or fitted in the privacy and comfort of your own home.